Lack of work!

2011-03-26 01:10:17 by sOMeonEUNo

well I know i haven't been doing much lately, oh well, I'll have some new content out sooner or later, About the site: the site's domain name got messed up for a while but I think I fixed the problem...
Unfortuantly the links in my vids and on my userpage to the site don't work ( no idea why) and you don't seem to be able to type the address into the url bar. but, if you type hobo box industries into google and click the link from there, it works perfectly fine? oh well i'll try to fix that issue, if you know how i'm very happy to listen to help!


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2011-03-26 01:12:30

nevermind problem is now solved, links are up and running and so is the url bar!